Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Two Foghat Demos

In an attempt to throw my hat into the ring for a possibility of getting a gig with Foghat i made a couple demos.. sent them into what i thought was the only Foghat.. i had no idea that there was gonna be TWO Foghats after the dust settled (but not for long, either).. so i don't know if they even got this... But here they are.. I did post em much earlier, but they're remixed and cleaned up..keep in mind they're 20 years old , and on ferric tapes (it's all i had left)..

Hiway (Killin' Me)

Ripple Rock Boogie

P.S. For best results have a good stiff drink and crank it LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fry said...

You can send me tabs of these songs, who invented these songs, Foghat or you?