Saturday, October 3, 2009

On the nature of friends, aquaintances, and mythologies...

I recently sent a note to someone to join a pro site (it's not important who, at this point).. and it was forcing me to rethink my past, and the mythologies we all build up over a lifetime... It was, in the note, 'an old friend of so-sos, who i got drunk with a couple of times... Well, first of all, getting drunk with someone doesn't make a friend... i know that :) so, maybe, poor choice of words... But I've had run-ins when I was young, maybe 30 or so years ago, with several 'famous' folks.. some of whom i know for sure were who they said they were, and some, who, perhaps , were not! At any rate... i, at the time, was young and impressionable, and so believed it, when they said who they were.. eventually, one goes through a lifetime building up this mythology based on the flimsiest of evidence... Anyways...this particular fella... (lets call him David, for now) insisted he had a band that i admired... but moaned about it breaking up... then didn't talk about music the rest of the night... just girls girls an more girls... After puttin myself on the line.. i realized i had no reason at all to believe it was him at all...but i'd spent a lifetime cherishing the memory of it as though it really was him... I think we have to be careful that the mythologies we build up over a lifetime are , in fact, based on truth... Just some random thoughts here..... Next post... Music Again!!!

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